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Excellent Customer Service is our pride and our driving force to always provide High quality work. Over the years, many of our customers became our friends and part of our big Land Rover family in New York. We promise to continue providing outstanding customer service for all of your Land Rover needs. Read what some of our customers are raving about British Auto Works.


See what some of our Valued Customers are saying about British Auto Works


I was treated with the same courteousness and professionalism that I would expect at the Land Rover dealership but I saved a ton of Money. Carlos and Trevor at British Auto Works are Fabulous to work with and I highly recommend their services.

Customer Since 2012


I must say as a man who has travel and done business with many.... I must say the service is beyond excellente but it is not the service that gives me warmth and comfort; it is the way the guys make the customers feel that counts. It comes with the constant calls on updates and the minor things you all do to the car that is not to mention.  

Customer Since 2014


After being around the block quite a few times with my Land Rover dealership it is good to know there are alternatives that are just as good and many times better. They always hear my concerns and address them quickly and fairly. They know the product very well and that impresses me. They walk the walk.

Customer Since 2014


British Auto Works are the best hands down. They are extremly experienced in their knowledge of Land Rovers. They are honest, reliable, and give great service. They take their time to explain everything so that you are aware of the issues and don't force anything else on you but simply let you know and giver you your space to make a decision. I would recommend anyone who owns a Land Rover to take it to them. I drive all the way from Brooklyn to go see them. Although it is out of the way and I'm paying for tolls and gas to go the distance, they are worth it! They even offered to make arrangements for me to pick up if I did not have a ride to get my car. Hopefully, I won't have to go see them too often, but when In need, I will be going straight to them without hesitation.

Customer since 2014


I was uncomfortable with the dealership repair shop. So I asked a close friend (Mark Lobel of the Prestigious Lobel's Prime Meats) If he knew of a honest mechanic that he trust. He said "I've got the guy, not only fair but you can trust him". He was right and as a woman he did not make me feel as if I could not understand the mechanic of my vehicle. His workis outstanding, he takes pride in doing an excellente repair no matter how great or small and that his customers are comfortable and happy with the work done on their vehicles. Carlos and his team are simply outstanding! Thank you so very much!

Customer since 2012